Papal audience

Half day tour of the Vatican where we meet the Pope Francis

Days Tour: every Wednesday

ADULTS: 37€  (Older 12 years) | CHILDREN: 30€ (3-7 years) | BABIES: Free (0-2 years)
Taxes included


To reach ROME, we pass by some of the most famous places in the city: the Piazza della Repubblica with the Fountain of the Naiads; the beautiful Piazza Barberini with the Neptune fountain by Bernini; Via Veneto, renowned also pass by the ancient Aurelian Walls and the famous park of Villa Borghese.

From Piazzale Flaminio we can see the Piazza del Popolo, ancient northern entrance of the capital, with Egyptian obelisk from the time of Ramses II in the center. We arrived at the PLAZA DE SAN PEDRO, past the Castle Sant ‘Angelo. Papal Audience *, depending on the season and number of parishioners, will take place in the Basilica of San Pedro, in the Plaza de San Pedro or the Board of Hearings. The place and time of meeting, once the hearing will be communicated by the / local directory. At the end of the visit guests can choose to stay at the Vatican on your own or take the shuttle bus to the main points of the city (Via Veneto, Piazza Barberini, Piazza Venezia, Piazza della Repubblica and Termini Station).
* IMPORTANT: the operation of the tour is subject and depends on the efforts of the Pope.

MEETING PLACE: Via Giovanni Amendola, 32
EXIT: 7.30  (20 minutes before)
END OF TOUR: 11.00
Professional guide
Companion multilingual expert
Transportation to and from the Vatican

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